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Name: Sergey Eybog
Nicknames: Vibe, Deathline
Birthdate: 11 of February, 1981
Place of residence: Ust'-Ilimsk, Russia
Main occupation: music for casual and indie games, demoscene products.
Hobbies: literature, asian culture (anime/manga in particular), demoscene, computer art, retro gaming, photographing.

Audio gear: ESI Juli@, M-Audio Studiophile BX5a, Behringer UB1202, AKG K-100.
Sound tools: Schism Tracker, Cubase 4, NI Kontakt 3 / Battery 3, LinPlug Albino 3 etc.

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Contacts:, 164-104-744 (ICQ), (Jabber)

Skype: Мой статус

I'm currently affiliated with Strategic Music studio, working on music for various computer games and multimedia projects.